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Current activity - November 2022 update

  • the Como Community Center nonprofit organization has now obtained ownership of the main auditorium front section of the historic Congregational building! This important milestone assures that the building will be preserved for the future. It opens the way to launch rehabilitation work projects for the building.

  • on the day when ownership was transferred, contractors began installing a new heating system in the auditorium section of the building

  • other rehabilitation work begins soon on other building systems: electrical, water and rest rooms, lighting, building exterior facade

Community meetings to communicate about the project are ongoing. To receive updates about upcoming project status, upcoming meeting invitations, and other notifications please contact us us at .

Elsewhere on the project, fundraising and grant research and writing efforts continue. Neighbor donations for Como Community Center have begun, reaching over $140,000. This is a good start but much more funding is needed to complete the building renovation and begin operation. The CCC team is pursuing additional rehabilitation funding from governmental, corporate and private sources -- to realize the mission of bringing this valuable Como resource back into active community use.

We look forward to offering scheduling of public events at the Como Community Center building.