Endorsements and Appreciations

The Como Community Center appreciates the statements of support, endorsements, and donations it's received from many Como neighbors and others.   

Above all, we commemorate the inspiring legacy of Maria Sanford and James Elwell -- for their public service in Como and across the city, state and beyond.  

We acknowledge these and so many supporters ... Bob Mack, who has kept a knowledgeable eye on the building since 2006 and who  now guides the restoration project with his preservation architecture expertise ... Connie Sullivan, whose lively and in-depth historical research has made Como's history come alive in interpretive materials and web publications ... Paul Marzahn, whose enthusiasm for historic building preservation, whose past projects at other Twin Cities buildings, and whose material support all gave us confidence at the Como Congregational building early on ...  Karl Smith who had the courage and vision to bring neighborhood approval to the concept of Congregational building  preservation as a Como good  ... and others, to be continued ...